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Personal Statement



(Working Adamantly To Thrive and Succeed)


I grew up in a lower-to-middleclass neighborhood in Winston-Salem, NC, where everyone stayed strong and stuck together, regardless of the lack of stability in some homes or food and clothes in others. In my neighborhood a since of community was taught through hard times, learned from neighbors, and cherished early on in life by everyone. This is why I feel that I am at my best when I am intellectually stimulated, doing the most for others, and more importantly, being myself.


     I have an older brother and three sisters, which my mother raised all on her own. To say I never noticed the deficiency of material things in and throughout my life would be false. I indubitably noticed that my way of life was not a cornucopia of the newest homes, latest fashions, or greatest toys. There are children in the area, to the date, that are deprived of mere stable, domestic structures, and a lot of parents are on drugs and or welfare. A lot of people are mothers early, fathers in jail, or people who simply feel they have no way out of deprivation. I have always been able to witness firsthand what pain looks like outside of my own home just by looking out the front door. These are some of the things I would like to one day improve through grants, nonprofit, and community service.  


     Instead of being angry about the conditions I was raised in, I found a natural desire for writing existed within me. It allowed me to be liberal, unpredictably rational or irrational whenever I wanted to; thus, transforming feelings, emotions, and environments to more aesthetic atmospheres. Through words, I have been able to teach others to do the same, in addition to acquiring better communication skills along the way.


     My desire is to hone my writing craft over the entire period of my life, not just in college. I want to communicate (written and verbally) effectively enough to exemplify to others that life’s experiences (good or bad) has the ability to make an individual a single, incomparable component, and positive asset to almost any situations or organizations. I want to teach the idea that no one has to be wedged in the pitfalls of life, because with a little effort and expression, life can always change.  

Because of my cultural background, I thrive in settings that are challenging to most people. I am often selected to assume leadership roles, because of my creativity, writing talents, and ability to easily communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.  


     I have continued my education, with a goal set in mind to simply be the best me I can be. I selected Appalachian State University to pursue my educational career, as I wanted to be a part of a liberal environment that would offer the best education in my major.


     Much gratitude is expressed towards the strength of my mother. She taught me that when it rained, to simply allow the storm to nurture my essence and become the story of life.  The fact that I contain substance and value humility, will surly make me a great candidate to back any organization.  





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.