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     I have prepared two separate resumes. One resume highlights my corporate experience, and the other examines my writing capabilities. However, both reflect my skills and competencies as a communicator, analyzer, and an overall, well-rounded employee.


     My writing abilities have been gained through years of effort, learning, and attempting new endeavors in the writing industry. My writing resume displays skills that regard writing, revising, or copywriting feature articles, editorial pieces, and other creative print. In addition to web writing, I continue to freelance by assisting with various corporate writing projects, editing and proofreading for small businesses, and tutoring students in writing and English.

Figure 1 retrieved from: http://www.dailywritingtips.com/resume-writing-tips/

During my corporate career in health care services and loan processing, I have worked both in office and from home depending on workforce necessity. My corporate resume will reflect that I have consistently been a selected leader, as well as, a communication resource for problem resolution and analysis for client utilization. In addition, I have performed analysis as a third party administrator, researched small and complex claims/contracts as requested. I am a fast learner, I adapt to change well. I am proficient with identifying trends, analyzing workflows, and locating the root causes of errors that can potentially cause issues in standard protocols.


        Each resume is enclosed to help you further learn more about my qualifications. 

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